sms-montrealThis simple to use Web interface allows you to communicate instantly with individuals or groups via bulk SMS messaging. It provides two-way messaging allowing you to receive SMS replies to an inbox. Web to SMS has several user-friendly features for sending SMS messages using your Internet browser. You can log on to Web to SMS wherever you have access to the Internet – at work, home, hotel, Internet cafe or WIFI hotspot .

Key Features of Web 2 SMS platform

  • Create and manage your online distribution groups
  • Personalise your Sender IDs
  • Send SMS messages from your email client
  • Send SMS messages from your mobile to a predefined group
  • Get notified when your SMS credit level drops below a predetermined point
  • Unicode SMS messaging

With our BulkSMS Web to SMS platform you can also:

  • Schedule your SMS message to be sent at a future date and time
  • Personalise your SMS messages
  • View and download SMS message delivery reports
  • View and download incoming SMS messages
  • View and download invoices
  • Create and manage SMS templates
  • Send Long SMS messages (up to 918 characters)

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