Mobile Lead Generatioin


More people are accessing the Internet via mobile devices every day. However,A traditional methods of lead generation don’t account for the way that people behave on mobile devices.

Offer Customer Loyalty Programs

A great way to engage with your mobile audience is to begin customer loyalty programs that offer various types of coupons, discounts and other promotions that are received and redeemed via mobile devices.

Thanks to the location-based hardware inside most mobile devices, you can even offer promotions that are tied to the physical location of your store. For example, whenever a customer comes into your store, a coupon or discount code could appear.

Optimize Content for Small Screens

One of the most important tenants of mobile lead generation is optimizing all content for small mobile screens. Gone are the days where people wait until they get home from work or school to view Internet content on a desktop or laptop computer. People are accessing the Internet (and by association, your content) a few minutes at a time all day long on their mobile devices

Start a Simple Text Campaign

Most mobile devices support SMS text messages in some way. As a result, text message campaigns are a great way to grow your mobile lead generation where traditional methods like email or apps may have stalled.

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