How SMS Keyword work?

By using a short code you can quickly gather details from your audience.

There are two ways to do this, either rent (shared) a keyword on a dedicated short code for a period of time or rent your own short code number, that you will use to send and receive your SMS messages.

We supply either and we manage your responses for you.

Your audience pay their standard network rate for sending the SMS message or you can pay for the SMS message and your contact sends the SMS message for FREE!.
You pay a fixed price per response SMS that you send.
You set your budget for sending at the start of the rental, once you reach that budget no more text messages will be broadcast, until you add more credit.


Text “GET” (the keyword) to 82828282 (the text or SMS short code)

  • If you are just renting the keyword you cannot specify the sms shortcode and you will only be given responses that start with your keyword or phrase.
  • By renting the dedicated text short code you have an unlimited number of keywords available, you can run different promotions by changing the keyword for each different products.
  • Primarily cost, renting a keyword is cheaper per month but you are limited to only that word or phrase but this is suitable to most business.
  • Renting your own short code is more expensive but you are not limited to the number of keywords that you have. You do need to take a minimum contract however and there are setup fees as well.

 Packages are available :

Rental packages


  • Monthly Keyword rental
  • 6 month Keyword rental
  • 12 month Keyword rental
    Short codes

  • Minimum 12 month Short code rental