Premium SMS

Premium Short Messaging Service, is an excellent medium to increase your revenue and opens up a lot of options for your business. Premium SMS can be used to allow your customers to contact you quickly and easily, for such services as sms competitions,sms votes, and other service.

Increase your revenue with out API in the United Kingdom, Australia,Ireland , Kenya, South Africa and Canada. We offers both dedicated shortcodes and shared sortcodes with both MO and MT billing.

SMS Competitions

We  are one of the market leaders in supplying text message competition services in UK , everything is web based  automatic system.

With us you can create and operate your own “XYZ” style competitions. With easy to configure options you can quickly create and deploy a text message competition with defined start and end times, costs per entry, entry limits and more.

Reply Message Personalisation.

Every time someone takes part, an automated reply message is sent back to them. Although you can turn the feature off, if you wish to use premium rate the reply message being delivered back forms part of the billing mechanism.

Each reply message can be personalized with your own message. This can be simply a Thank You, but could also include a link to a website or other information quite easily.

SMS Votes :

  • We provide easy web interface to create SMS based survey to ask users to vote .
  • Live Audience Participation by sms vote system.
  • Poll Everywhere lets you engage your audience or class
    in real time
  • Real time survey / sms voting results .

SMS Quiz :

The SMS Quiz is a web-based application which allows authors to set up an automated response system for a multiple-choice quiz. Authors can present their questions in a variety of ways, such as a paper handout, a poster, a PowerPoint presentation or web site. Participants answer the multiple-choice questions by SMS text message and receive almost instant feedback and up to seven daily follow-up messages if required.