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Alliance Techno Soft comes with an online mobile recharge platform, designed to be extremely user-friendly and efficient. [/tx_animate]

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We are Bulk SMS Service Providers in India and in International market  , Our Bulk SMS Service is fully compliant with Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) norms. All Marketing and Transactional SMS are broadcasted via our Web-Based Portal Application. For all Marketing SMS we have inbuilt DND number check feature activated prior to broadcasting of any marketing sms.


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The Network Query is a service in regards to Mobile Number Portability (MNP), enabling the identification to which network a mobile phone number (MSISDN) belongs to. This service is also referred to as “IMSI-lookup”, “Network Look up Service” or “HLR Lookup“. Available for more than 734 networks.

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Long Code SMS Gateway- An Economical Mode of Customer Interaction Long code is an 8-digit number that is designed in such a way as to be easy to remember and can be used for premium services. This long code enables you to work with every operator.

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Enterprises SMS Solutions

Alliance Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. providing interactive messaging services. We are providing Bulk SMS Solutions to our clients at very low prices and reliable gateway. Enterprise text messaging enables you to combine the benefits of real-time communications with a limited-time offer to increase urgency and sales. Send price alerts, promotions, and exclusive content to customers—and instantly drive more traffic to your website or stores. For Corporate sector our wireless solutions cover the supply chain management, Customer Service Management, Product Promotion, Brand Promotion, Mobile portal etc.

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Features Include

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  • Enterprise SMS
  • Missed Call
  • Promotional SMS
  • Short Code
  • Transnational  SMS
  • Long Code

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Web Hosting & Web Development

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We are providing domain registration, web-hosting solution along with web development

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Mobile Marketing

SMS is Important tool to increase your business

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Our services relates to usage of SMS as an medium for marketing and promotion of products and services. SMS is the personal means of communications and provides 100% strike rate. Innovative use of SMS provides instant reach to 10 Million Households or the selected lot.

International Reviews “A study by Engage UK and mobile Internet company Quios that examined consumer acceptance of wireless text advertising found a positive response rate among 79 percent of participants and an average 60 percent recall rate of the trial’s three participating big brand sponsors.

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